TDFragMapper: Evaluating experimental parameters for confident intact protein characterization in top-down proteomics



TDFragMapper can be freely downloaded and installed with a single click on the Download button.

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Supplementary Files

The source code is available on GitHub.



⇒ A computer with at least 8 GB RAM and 2 computing cores is recommended.


⇒ Windows 10 (64 bits) or later.

⇒ The .NET framework 4.8, which will be automatically updated by TDFragMapper if necessary.

Data files

⇒ TDFragMapper v1.0 is compatible with output data files from ProSight Lite and Thermo® FreeStyleTM software.

⇒ TDFragMapper saves results in its own format (i.e., *.tdfm) and exports the analysis to an image in TIFF, PNG or JPG format.