TDFragMapper: Evaluating experimental parameters for confident intact protein characterization in top-down proteomics

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We present a new software-tool allowing an easy visualization of fragment ions and thus a rapid evaluation of key experimental parameters on the sequence coverage obtained for the MS/MS analysis of intact proteins.

TDFragMapper can deal with multiple fragmentation methods and can rapidly highlight the experimental fragmentation parameters that are critical to the characterization of intact proteins of various size using top-down proteomics.

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DOI of the manuscript

Chamot-Rooke, J.; Lima, D.B.; Dhenin, J.; Dupré, M.: TDFragMapper version 1.0.
Privilege of innovation. Register number: IDDN.FR.001.080039.000.S.C.2021.000.31235, institution of registration: Agence pour la Protection des Programmes, Depositor: Chamot-Rooke, J.; Institut Pasteur, Deposit: 02/23/2021